Restaurant Construction Specialties, Inc. is a minority company specializing in booth manufacturing, millwork products and stainless steel fabrications. Since 1983 RCS has specialized in restaurant construction and have completed projects for many nationally recognized restaurant chains such as Denny's, IHOP, Carrow's, CoCo's, Black Bear Dinners, Popeye Chicken and Iron Skillet.

To better serve the West Coast, RCS has recently expanded their operations with staging locations in Nevada and California. RCS is staffed to respond within 24 hours to field measure any unit and deliver and/or install within one week. WIth an experienced and dedicated staff, they are committed to delivering a high quality product.

Our booths are checked through quality control at our factory prior to shipment. Each unit is separately blanket wrapped before arrival to the location. On delivery, our representatives will inspect each unit for damage. In the event of any flaws, we will immediately overnight a replacement item.

We are able to provide installers for contractors and will always have a representative of ours on location through completion to assure layout and quality control to prevent onsite damage. In the event of vandalism or damage, we can provide next day delivery to any unit with a replacement of a seat back or bottom. Each unit will be filed in our archives for quick and easy replacement.

All of our booths have identification labels which include our company name, the unit number and the booth number. This enables us to replace any portion of the booth, seat back or bottom in the event of vandalism or damage. These orders are considered urgent and will be delivered the next day.